What Another Hearing protection Review - the Noisefighters Gel Pads

Just got a set in - had a choice between actual Sordin Gel Pads or for a few dollars more a set of Noisefighter (Gel Pads With Relief Cuts For Glasses To Pass Through) Universal Mount. And for full disclosure 100% paid for by my post taxed and overburdened Canadian Dollar. The difference in price was about US$20 with the Sordin gel kit being cheaper.


The ear cups appear to come in the common size for the Sordins and Peltors, both require a specific adapter plate, and in this case it would be the MS200


The Gel Cups AD100 are their pressure-sensitive adhesive universal mount that incorporates a cut out at the top to allow a more comfortable fit with glasses


Taking the mounting plate and careful lining it up on the adhesive simply push down hard for a few second making sure that you pushed in multiple areas for an even compression (instruction say to press for at least 10 seconds)


It is a matter of popping the old one out (place a finger just inside the ring and pull) and press the Gel Cup with Adapter Plate in until it pops.


Just make sure that when popping the Gel Cups on that the cut outs go to the “Top”.


Are they comfortable - yes
Been wearing them the whole time that I have been writing this review. My Comtacs 3 have Gels and I wanted to put a set of Gels on my Sordins. I chose the Noisefighter because of the cut out at the top for glasses (When I wear my Wiley SG1, I have to use the band because the cups do not seal on the temples and sorry to say I still have to wear the goggle band. But they do work quite well with my normal prescription glasses.

No Liberal was harmed in writing this review ( a few may have been triggered) but hey I just have to turn off the active part so as not to hear the wailing.


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