WA State Sheriffs Will Not Enforce Gun Control Laws

I think we need more sheriffs Bob Songer.


I live close to that area , our sherriff is the same way. This was from our sherriff during Oregons last attempt at a major gun control bill:


God bless good cops(aka the good guys). :+1:


Most states constitutions determine Sheriffs to be State Constitutional Officers requiring election to the office by voters, not others in a legislative capacity. I admire the obvious rejection of bad attempt to restrict the public possession of firearms authorized by the National Constitution by the Sheriffs.

Folks need to be aware of what the damn politicians are concocting behind their backs.


Unlike WA , Oregon has several pro gun bills gaining momentum. One is something along the lines of the Sherriff being able to override an unconstitutional law passed by the state, another makes it so individual counties decide gun laws. This is a very generalized assessment of the bills but thats the basic idea behind them, unless something has changed since I looked it up last.

This was another good one from 2015:

Most of the Oregon sherriffs ive read about or met are very pro gun and anti-lib fuckery. WA is kind of the same but they dont fight back as hard and waited too long.


The only laws that are enforceable are the ones the citizens will likely obey.


The interesting think about laws are- GOOD people DON’Tneed them, and BADpeople DON’T follow Laws in the first place.


Politicians use laws as a way to control people, as we drift further down the shitter towards communism we see it more and more. Used to be communists were not liked here in America, hell my grandfather had old propoganda from the 40’s and 50’s with anti-communism messages on it. Now we elect the leeches to office in the name of free handouts then sit and wonder things are falling apart.


Pretty happy with our new Sheriff here in Orange County CA. Not many in this state that would hold public seminars on how to navigate the CCW application process and good cause requirements.
Ours is. The CCW population in this county is skyrocketing in the last 5 years. From near zero to over 20,000 so far. An island of sanity.

With the disclaimer that the county now has zero conservative representation after this last election.


That’s good to hear that your sheriff is friendly! Let’s hope that it’s contagious to surrounding counties!!!