Tromix Lead Delivery Systems 👍

I ordered a brake to throw in the ocean after my 450 Bushmaster. :boat: It was delivered in a well packaged Priority Mail box in 2 days. I have not used the customer service and doubt that I will with this. In a time when everyone says they can’t ship quickly because of CoVid-19, they did it somehow.


I used one of there brakes on a ruger 450 and it worked well and is well made…


I’m glad to hear someone is actually doing business in a timely manner.

I ordered a Brigand Arms “Edge” fore end for a rifle now in Davey Jones’ locker. That was on the 9th. The email I got on the 14th told me that it “Has Shipped!”. Except it hasn’t postage was printed and that’s it. It’s still waiting to be accepted by USPS. I’m having to hold the boat, waiting on it’s arrival, and bailing fast to keep it from a premature sinking. They can’t drop it off on the way home? Do something, anything? I think the WuFlu is just being used as an excuse.

If I can get orders out, that is actually shipped, not later than 24 hrs after the order is placed what’s their excuse? It might take effort, a call, or an extra charge, but it can be done.

Too, I’m looking at it through the filter of my current experience which admittedly is a rural existence. But even when we went into the post office there was no line of customers waiting for the next clerk, they were ready to accept packages. But Maine isn’t Huntsville, AL either (correction: Birmingham, heck at least I got the state correct!). It might be a totally different experience down there.

Since I’m on a special diet and I can’t buy some things locally Amazon gets lots of my business. They’ve slowed down, but when they state that something has shipped it actually seen in tracking as moving in a timely manner, not days after the postage has been printed.

I hope the fore end is worth having or I’m going to be very disappointed. Maybe I’ll see acceptance by USPS today so that I can watch it sit somewhere at a USPS facility over the weekend.

Am I being unreasonable? Really, am I? I don’t see what’s going on in the rest of the nation and the talking heads can’t be trusted.

I contacted the company and nicely inquired when I would see acceptance and movement of the package. I was told that they have a loading dock full of packages just waiting to be picked up, the operative word is waiting. Looks like it isn’t their fault that it isn’t actually going anywhere yet.


Yippee! USPS sent me an email telling me that the package was accepted into the system at 8:33 tonight. So it’s on the way. I’ve lusted after one of the Brigand Arms forearms for awhile now. Two years(?) maybe, it’s been awhile.

Now if Desert Tech would send me my .300BLK barrel I can start to work on loads. Waiting for a tax stamp is nothing compared to waiting for Desert Tech. I think it was 4 years in March. I thought ATF would be the fly in the ointment and I’ve had the can for 2 years now.