Pistol VS Carbine velocity

Got a question that I hope some of you with a lot of experience can answer. I’ve been thinking of getting some loading data (hopefully one of you can furnish that) for 9MM subsonic. I would only want the subsonic for my PC carbine when I get a suppressor for it. The data that I’ve been able to find so far is for the pistol. I haven’t searched too far but thought I would use this great resource to find some info. My plan is to use 115 grain X-Press plated RN bullets. I don’t have to use that specific round. If you have some recommendations for that or anything else, please let me know.


The only 9mm subsonic I’ve shot is 147gr and that was through a pistol. Just load them to about 1050fps and see if the gun still cycles.


+1 for @shooterrex. Subsonic ammo for pistol is easy. Barrel length isn’t the issue. Exit velocity is. Just have to find something that works for your gun. Rifle subsonic can be tricky. Most modern rifle cartridges and guns are designed to have a high velocity.


I’ve found that the 147 gr lead bullet pc’d at 1015fps out of my suppressed Ruger carbine are extremely accurate. They fuction my Ruger 95 just fine. It’s not suppressed.


Great info. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.