Peltor Tactical Earplugs TEP-100

As promised and or requested by Lonewolf
Not being a stranger to the better active hearing protection decided to try a pair (too good of a deal to turn down)
Just for the record I use the Sordin Ranger Single Comm, the Sordin Supreme Pro-x and the Peltor Comtac 3. I ended up getting the Comtac (again great deal) because every time I went to the range with My Son, he would always latch on to the Supremes.
The TEP-100s come in a compact waterproof case that incorporates a internal battery changing system. It also utilizes an external USB charging connection.
The charging time is about 90 minutes and incorporates a “smart” charger for the lithium battery. The earplugs will last more than 16 hours on a charge.

It comes with 3 sizes of ultrafit plugs and a set of CCC Communication foam plugs, it also comes with the optional neck cord. I wore the TEP-100 (with the triple C plugs) at work for the complete shift and including wearing them home while driving (just sly of 12 hours).
The Ultrafits have a 23db rating and the Triple Cs a 27db and if purchased with the “Skullscrews” you get 30db protection.
What I found out wearing them - voice sounds are normal and you have a good ability of directional awareness, Background noise seems to noticeably mute with load impulse noise (such as hammer impact on steel or gun fire) while voice maintain the same level. And while wearing them home the road noise in the truck was kind of nicely muted while maintaining normal stereo volume. You can use a cell phone without issue while wearing these but it appeared that I tended to “shout” if someone was not close (might just be a learned response from wearing earplugs)
Comfort wise they were okay for me, but if you gave me a choice over plugs or muffs, I would chose over the ear instead of in the ear. The same holds true for these, I was always aware that they were in. With that being said they stayed where you stuffed them, and were not obtrusive. There was no issue with them falling out while eating or talking and did not require any readjustment. They also can be worn while wearing normal muffs if the higher protection is required.
The reason why you see the ultrafit fitted was I made the wife wear them around to get her opinion - and now I have to buy her a pair.

So next on the shopping list are a pair of Peltor EEP-100 for her.
big difference is not mil spec (the TEPs have a IP67 rating), only usb charging and the non tactical hivis colour (and half the price).


Thank you! I like the fact directional awareness is good. The over the ear muffs I have are great for hearing voice, talking on phone and suppressing gunfire/loud noises but lack terribly on directional. I prefer in the ear, rather than over the ear for certain activities. Over the ear is good for shooting pistols and some other things but get in the way shooting rifle. Also over the ear get too hot & are annoying while out in the heat. That’s why I was very interested in your thoughts & insight on yours.


like I said - will be buying the wife a pair of the EEP-100 and in all honestly I could have settled for EEPs too, but when I managed to get the TEPs for the same price as the EEPs the decision was easy.
I know Walker makes a type too but those look huge and ungainly

the only advantage would be bluetooth but they look huge.
and other types are glorified hearing aids stuffed into a common earplug.


:+1: Nice review and write up @srdiver


So what’s wrong with using discarded cases found laying around ranges.
9mm fits my ears really well.
Back in the day that was a cheap and good way to protect ears.
No kidding.


Seen my dad do that, certainly must be a generation thing :smile:


Yeah, it’s all fun and games until there’s a spider hiding in one. :ghost: