M-CARBO Upgrades for Ruger PC9 Carbine 👍

I picked this up in early February for USPSA/Steel Challenge competition. I’ve never tried PCCO class, so this looked like a good option.


I did some research before purchasing and the gun had good reviews online. However, I did find various complaints about stovepiping and premature wear on the extractor.

Another complaint involved the buffer pad in the receiver. The Ruger factory buffer pad is just a piece of hard plastic, which really doesn’t provide much buffering capability. I found a photo online showing wear on the pad due to some battering from the bolt.

So, I did a Googly search for “Ruger PC9 Upgrades” and MCARBO popped right up. I am familiar with the company so they were my first click. To my surprise, they had a large selection of upgrade parts and good videos describing the products.


This is what I purchased:

  1. Exact Edge Extractor
  2. Recoil Reduction Bundle: Includes buffer pad, extra power recoil spring, stainless steel spring retainer.
  3. Extended charging handle and mag release button
  4. A2 tool steel pin kit (for bolt head and extractor)

In particular, I was very impressed with the MCARBO extractor. You can visually see the quality difference. The Ruger factory extractor looks cheaply stamped, while the MCARBO is a precision wire EDM part.


The PC9 design is very simple, so installation was quick and didn’t require any special tools. I decided to purchase a variety of ammo for the first test. After several range sessions, I have 400+ rounds through the gun with zero malfunctions. I used five different brands of target ammo (115 and 124 grain), plus some Sig Elite Performance V-Crown 124 grain hollow points. The PC9 eats everything and runs flawlessly with the MCARBO parts. No issues or concerns to report. I plan to put a few hundred more rounds down range before cleaning and inspection. I will post a follow-up if anything looks unusual.

By the way, the PC9 is a fun little shooter!!! No regrets!


Check out cromusa.com
They make a bad ass chassis for the Ruger pc9. The chassis also takes all the Magpul furniture.


I love my PCC but the last thing Ii want on mine is an extended mag release. I have a hard enough time picking it up without dumping the mag. I have to think about where to grab it before I pick it up. Fat old fingers I guess. Great fun to shoot with no issues(yet).