Let's see those 4x4's

I customized & built this 79 (Chevy S-10 Metallic Forest Green) CJ-7 Jeep w/ a built modified 393cu.in, 750 CFM 4b Holley, 4 speed manual, solid Dana Axles,oversized fuel tank, open headers & Flowtech Purple Honies.

My old crawler.

Today I have 96 F-350 460cu.in, fuel injected, that I rebuilt for snow removal.


Good stuff,

I couldn’t post a heart, if anyone see’s that bring it to my attention I can fix it.


This was my first diesel (no going back)

when I bought it


When I saw it for sale again a few years later

And they say Florida is easy on vehicles


I have a 06 Commander, guess I’ll have to get some pictures.

Full30 channel: https://www.full30.com/channels/tacticalreviews


This was a literal barn find, 1974

I handed the guy 2,500 cash without hearing it run, aired up the tires and hooked up the tow bar that was already attached,

My wife was pissed, we were shopping for a car for her, went to the owners house to look at some SUV or another, asked whats up with the Bronco I see over there…it went fast from there.

3 on a tree, points, all the good stuff

Towed it home, knocked out the squirrels nest, wasp nests and spider webs, got it running, small lift, had my fun, sold it for around 6500

The guy I sold it to spiffed it up more and sold it for 18k :exploding_head:

This was a 67

When you buy an old rig with new tires, check the lug nuts, lost a rear wheel while driving, (see crinkled fender) lucky it was 4wd, pulled itself off the road, then a really big guy named Angel picked it up for me to put the tire on, true story

This one I started on fire,

It was a flat out mud race jeep when I bought it and in an effort to make it more street-able I put on smaller tires, moved the battery box from the rear to the stock position, and thats as far as that project went, when I moved the battery box it started much easier, although leaving a hot ignition wire on a braided fuel line…

was an exciting day at my work blasting a jeep with a fire extinguisher

This one was likely the last one, replaced everything myself in the front end, still drove for crap, needed all the read end stuff replaced also, forget it, sold.


:sunglasses: Nice RIdes Robert!

My father had a 70 Bronco just like yours, but almost a baby blue type color when I was a kid. He’d take me hunting with him in it all the time back in the day. If I remember correctly, I believe it had the 302cu.in in it.

I also owned another 82 4x4 CJ-7 Jeep that was loaded.

Had AC/automatic-transmission/hardtop and hard doors that was midnight blue & black in color. Had the two barrel/straight (258cu.in) six cylinder. Ran great when I sold it many, many years ago. I don’t think I can find a photos of it anywhere. Wished I did. I loved the automatic-transmission in it while off road four-wheeling. Made me feel like I was in the Baja 1000. Just matt the petal and grab ahold of the F@#!ing steering wheel, lol!

Definitely was a lot of fun back then!


Thanks , off road is great, when your not walking back to the pavement that is

I prefer the older CJ to the Wrangler, hard to find in decent shape and price

my all time favorite was an E350 I had, 4x4 cammed 460 with lockers
I have a PS E350 now I plan to convert for maximum :facepunch:


Here is my 2018 Toyota 4Runner ORP… I graduated from a 2008 Range Rover HSE to something I could afford to beat on harder. This purchase and buildup have been life changing (for the better)… It is almost as much fun as shooting, Almost! It seems to get new add ons daily. At least that is what my Bank account tells me.


Nice 4x4’s!

I’m thinking about getting a RAM Rebel instead of another Charger (392) in a week or so. The Rebel isn’t as practical for a family but it is serviceable. :smiley: It’s a hard choice. But, taking trips to the wilderness would be much easier with a 4x4. :mount_fuji:


What do you think?


@Chuparosa nice looking truck, trips to the wilderness = mandatory four-wheel drive, wise choice.


I like it - it’s a sharp looking truck!

Good luck with your decision :thinking:


Thanks guys. This is its competition.



That’s nice too. You could have both, but you already shot down my kidney idea! Lol


No, not getting rid of my either of my kidneys. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We’re paying off the wife’s Jeep so we’re keeping that (despite my hatred of it). This means I’m only replacing my Charger at this time.


Car is nice, but you say other vehicle is a jeep. Truck might be the better choice in my opinion, should you need to haul anything. Appliances, building materials etc. In my case, I take so much crap with me hunting, camping & like activities, i definitely need the room & 4x4 abilities of a truck.


I’m with you. In 3~5 years we are replacing the Jeep with a truck since that’s what my wife will eventually want. Problem is, if I get the truck now in 3~5 years the Charger and all cars will be neutered and will no longer have a large burbling American V8 in it… And I do want another HEMI Charger. I’m gonna test drive both, but, that won’t make the decision any easier!


Copy that! In that case, test drive both, if still undecided, flip a coin. Heads=truck, tails=charger. Or if youre smart, let the wife pick. That way, no matter what, no wrong choice could possibly be made. You can’t be blamed! (Not true, a good woman can always figure out how its the mans fault lol) at least my 1st 2 wives could…


Think its better to shop used, my last two new 4x4’s in lawsuits

F350 Diesel & RAM1500 Ecodiesel

Got rid of both with under 20k miles,
rather buy something with a proven history

2 CameraZOOM-20150515183508067

Bikes included, traded a 2016 for a 2007 with under 1k miles, new just doesn’t cut it


If we gotta bug out we’re ready. Been to 49 states Canada and mexihole. BTW- F’ mexihole
300K + - NWT stuff but needed a trans at 190K Yeah 7.3


I went back to 7.3 :+1: