5️⃣ 🌟 Gerber Knives 👍

My daily carry became inoperable after many years of admitted abuse and Gerber warranty promptly made good on it,

Good product and good service


Had one, broke it, sent it back, got another one.

Use Cold Steel Now



Good to know. I have a Gerber multi-tool that I’ve owned for 20+ years. It was used daily for my job, so it’s in rough shape. Still works, though.

This reminds me of two positive customer service encounters that I experienced in recent weeks. I will post in this section.


I had the clip come off my gerber years back and I emailed them and they called me and got my addy and sent me a whole new clip.no charge. Good customer service and a good product.


I own several Gerber knives and they have held up, I beat up knives and for low price compared to others they are good to me, I have several Benchmade knives and I generally don’t abuse them like the Gerber’s…


:+1: Gerber is a okay. I’ve been carrying an EZ-out Gator for going on 20 years now. Thought I lost it once, but found it 6 months later stuck in the drum of the washing machine a little rubbed up but no worse for wear. The newby I bought to replace it went back in the box. That was at least 5-6 years ago. Still rocking the oldie but goodie with a spare in the wings.

A few Christmas’s ago I bought the same model for each of my techs at work. To this day they still send me pics of them using theirs. Hands down the best return on investment of any Christmas gift I’ve ever bought my guys.

EDIT: Add pic (note the bottom of the handle where the washer drum wore a groove):



Gerber are great value. Rugged without breaking the bank. I have a Multi-Plier 600 that I prefer over three various Leatherman versions. I have the “bladeless” version as I usually have a SAK beside my wallet and a sturdy lock blade clipped on the edge of a front pocket.

I shoot stumps (wood arrows from recurves) and needed a “disposable” knife to dig heads out of stumps. The Gerber Big Rock as large but light. It was like $25. I can hardly believe it is still holding up - even the tip! I believe Gerber used “meh” 420C steel. But they sure have the heat treatment down pat.


I carried a Gerber F.A.S.T. Covert for years before switching to an ESEE fixed blade. Had some screws coming loose on the scales and couldn’t find the correct bit to get them tight, emailed Gerber asking what they call the bit they use, they answered send it in for a new one. Can’t beat it, as long as you don’t loose a Gerber knife you have it for life!