Canceled a rifle conversion yesterday- Desert Tech MDR

When a company is good I’m quick to spread the word. When a company is the pits I give them time to straighten out but if they don’t I spread that word also. This is the latter.

I have a Desert Tech MDR that I waited 3 years for. I expected the wait and it was no big deal. I waited. But I wanted it in .300BLK. At the time we were told that the only way to get that chambering was to order it in either .308 or .223 and convert it. So I ordered it in .223 as it was the least expensive way to get what I wanted. I DID NOT want another .223! So the expected long wait passed and it arrived in .223. I like the rifle, DT upgraded what they could before sending it and sent me upgrades as they were developed. But it’s in .223. I bought the .30 cal suppressor for it, brass and such, so I was, and still am all ready for the rifle I originally wanted in .300 BLK. Another year passed and I still don’t have my .300BLK barrel, and that’s all the conversion is, just a barrel and gas parts. I contacted them and was congratulated for my patience (I’m good screwing I guess) even though I was doing a slow burn. I was told, “You’re in the next batch.”. OK, so I waited another month+. I called yesterday but before calling I went to the LGS that is also a manufacturer and looked into an AR build. So I called DT and I knew beforehand that something WAS going to happen. This last time I was again told, “You’re in the next batch.”. The CS person checked with someone and, “Parts were ordered, but haven’t come in.”. Understand, everyone who ordered conversions paid for them up front and there is little excuse for not having the parts on hand. They could have been ordered months before C19 and been sitting on a shelf. All it took was someone to place the order since they already had the money in hand and people wanting their product. It wasn’t DTs money they were using but our prepaid dollars that was to pay for the manufacture, shipping, and profit for DT. At this point I had the rifle for a year and still didn’t have what I originally ordered and wanted. So I asked what date would it be shipped? I got the answer, “We have no date.”. My response was “Well, I have a date in mind and it’s todays date. Send me, a check refunding all of my money that you are holding and cancel my order. My interest free loan has come to an end.”. I won’t have the rifle I wanted, but I’m done with their BS excuses. Let someone else play their game of “We used the money elsewhere and need more $ to come in to buy parts to fill orders that have been prepaid.”. I just hope my check clears the bank.

Today I ordered most of the parts required for my AR .300BLK 10.3" pistol build and I have the lower in hand. I’m waiting on the Geisselle REBCGs to come back into stock. I’ll wind up with a lighter weight, possibly the same OA length firearm due to the short barrel, and I won’t be listening to BS excuses or a long time frame to get it. If the REBCGs don’t come back into stock in a reasonable time I have options, so no frustrations.

I have the MDR in .223 and I like the rifle. It’s just not what I wanted at this point. Desert Tech? They will never see a penny of my $ again, and after I get my check the only contact we’ll have is if I need warranty work. Not much chance of that though since once I sight it in at 100yards I can’t see it being anything other than a safe queen. If I get a .308 conversion I’ll get more use out of it. Maybe I’ll look for a used one. I’m in no hurry. In a few years I might even sell it.

Oh, and the MDR in .300BLK that could only be ordered as a conversion and not as a stand alone rifle? Yup, it can be ordered as a stand alone rifle today. Wonder why I lost my patience over a barrel that wasn’t being delivered?

Have a good day gents!



You were in the next batch!


@BrianK Honesty goes a long way and it’s always good to know when promise isn’t going to meet performance. Hopefully sharing your bad experience will help others to manage expectations. Best of luck on future purchases.


Sol invictus arms did the same thing to me with the AA12. Then told me they couldn’t refund my money when they sent the ATF an unlicensed machine-gun. I solved that real fast with Discover.


If I have problems getting the check I’ll take it up with Mastercard.


You are a more patient man than I! 2 weeks is my max limit, after that, Lonewolf’s taking a ride & paying someone a very unpleasant visit


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. :joy:


Sounds like they took y’all’s money and used it to build complete 300bo rifles and stick it to you guys! Horrible!!


I am not defending DT or any other company… but as a manufacturer myself and a gun smith, I know how hard it is to get parts.
Many core manufacturers are not just 100% gun parts. They are usually aerospace manufacturers that love guns so they make gun parts.
It is horribly expensive to stop production for something to start making something else.
So things are delayed… over and over again.
I have had to wait a year for parts…
I still have not gotten a ln extractor for a Ruger Precision rifle. I kinda gave up… 2 years calling, leaving messages, emails…
Zero response.
That is Ruger!! All they make is guns!
So very hard for me to explain to customers that gun parts, other than Glock or AR stuff, is not like going to NAPA.
Now, back to DT…
I have an MDR in 308… LOVE that rifle. But it needs the updated gas block. So I signed up on their website and paid. Waited 4 months… called them. “Oh, we shipped that.”
Well I never got it so who knows where that went. But damn… why am I having to pay for that anyway?
That pissed me off.
Now they have their new MDR coming out. Will I buy it in 556?
But it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Just like Stag Arms and their quality control… 2 left handed BCG were bad.
I actually have so many stories I could write a book. But… there you go.
HK has been the worse. After the last fiasco I took a photo of all my HKs and sent it to them. Then I sold them all. That is how pissed I was and still am.