"Budget" P320 Compact build

Don’t remember who all I talked to about wanting to build one of these, but I finally got it done. The 80% MUP-1 was super easy to complete. The hardest part was ordering the parts to complete. I ordered each part individually because no one had the full parts kit in stock at the time I started the build. I did not know anything about Sigs (hadn’t even shot one) before beginning this project. Now I feel I have a firm grasp on the assembly aspect. I still do not have the level of understanding that I have with Glocks, but that will probably happen in time.

JSD Supply 80% MUP-1
Grey Ghost Precision slide parts kit
Apex trigger kit
Trybe DLC threaded barrel
OEM Sig Sauer X-RAY3 sights
OEM Compact/Carry Sig Sauer slide, Compact grip module, and FCU parts


WELL DONE! Have you had a chance to fire yet?


Not yet. I have 5 or 6 builds that I need to get out to the range and test. I’m fully confident that all of them will work flawlessly, but ammo is a concern. I’m trying to conserve for as long as I can to continue doing my matches and buying small batches here and there. I don’t reload yet, though that stuff appears to be hard to come by as well. It’s just a crappy time in our history all around.


INDEED it is! Be sure to update when you finally get the chance to shoot them.


What was the total cost parts/kit if someone chooses to do this?

I thought they were DAO but… IDK

Anyhow I look forward to the range report :+1:


Slide used ebay $185
MUP $100
OEM FCU parts $220-250
Apex trigger kit $100 (optional)
OEM grip module gifted ($35-40)
Sights $65
GGP slide parts $90
Barrel $130
OEM mags $50/ea
Jig $150 if you don’t have access to one

Like I said, this was a “budget” build using lower cost options. I opted out of RDS option, nicer grip module, competition trigger, etc. I did a lot of bargain shopping for this build as I do most builds. I could’ve just bought one off the shelf for less (if I could find one), but I wouldn’t know the things about it that I do now. I would also put this one up against a factory pistol simply because it nearly is. The MUP has no moving parts and the jig makes it idiot proof.

As for the DAO question, it’s a lot like a Glock, but the preloaded tension when “cocked” is much more than a Glock. The trigger on this build feels more like a 1911 than a Glock, but I don’t know how much of that has to do with the Apex trigger kit I used. I’ve never experienced an all OEM P320. It’s like a Glock with all of the pretravel eliminated. There is no double strike capability.


@Preyhunter I would say you have done a nice job. While a budget build and being a bit higher in cost than off the shelf model, this a great option in these times of limited supply of finished products as you pointed out. Hopefully we all see some supplies in reloading components and factory ammo in the days ahead.