AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner and Lube

I figured this belonged here rather than reply to previous posts I mentioned this in.
First off I AM NOT and AMSOIL dealer in any way.
However I have used it in my vehicles since the late 70’s and have always been impressed by its performance.
So when AMSOIL came out with a Firearms Cleaner and Lubricant I had to try it.

First the cleaner:
Does a great job of dissolving carbon and gunk buildup in barrels and actions.
It even dissolved the lithium grease I had stored my firearms over the winter with the year before.
Making all the gunk very easy to remove with a simple patch or rag. Even gunk and carbon I was unaware was even present.
(Ask any HK owner about roller lock carbon buildup in the receiver and how hard it is to see or clean.)
It also is supposed to clean that corrosive primer crap out as well.
That being said I want to point out that it is a Cleaner.
I am sure it offers some protection from corrosion and also gives some lubricating properties as well.
However when used on an area of high heat such as the barrel it flashes off under the heat and left a cloudy film on the barrel of my #5 enfield when at the range I tried it the first time out. Granted that barrel was HOT after several rounds were put through it. So hot that it burned me when I touched it. Minor burn but damn hot.
So I would not recommend using it as a Cleaner and Lube as a one shot product.

Now the Firearms Lube:
This is a separate product from the cleaner.
I was rather impressed with this as lubricant.
It actually made some of my actions feel smoother when cycling them.
I have previously used CLP almost exclusively as a lube and it did well.
And CLP did well as a cleaner and lube.
However over winter storage the CLP seemed to evaporate away and I had some light rusting show up or browning appear for lack of a better description on my bayonets and white steels.
(I have many milsurps which due to the time periods lack the corrosion resistance alloys of today)
So this year I wiped all my firearms, knives, and bayo’s down with the lubricant and put them away for the winter.
So spring is here and after the winter I took my Bayo’s and knives out to see how they fared.
No browning or rusting whatsoever on my 12 bayo’s or knives.
The lube film was actually still present as well so it didn’t evaporate as the CLP had.
Next was the rifles.
Same result.
Lubrication film was still present and no browning or rusting at all.
I should mention also that the Lube does not flash off under high heat as the Cleaner did when out at the range.
Nor did it smoke or appear to evaporate at all when out shooting last year.

My only complaint at the time these were introduced was that they were only available as foaming spray in a can.
AMSOIL has since also made them available in a bottle as well as the spray can.
The spray was great in that foamed when spraying in those hard to reach places but a liquid in a bottle would be a great option.
They have done all the salt spray tests and ect so you can see that if you wish.
I highly recommend these products and will continue to use them till something better comes along.

So there is my totally unprofessional review of these.


Good info!


I also use Amsoil gun lube and I experienced similar results. It holds up great under high heat and doesn’t burn off like other lubes. Good stuff!


An update on the cleaner.
I got around to asking the company if the cleaner dissolves the salts left behind by corrosive priming.
Yes it does.
So another plus for the cleaner.
Thought you might like to know.


I use carb cleaner.


I’ll make a longer post on engine oil and fill in some blanks on why it worked good. I need to read a little on their firearm lubricant. My initial guess is that it is not a hydro-cracked group 3 oil, but is a group 4 PAO like their engine oil.The really short answer, since some use engine oil on firearms is that the problem with engine oil is that it gets thick when it is cold, not that it gets thin when it is warm. A synthetic can still flow when cold, and as such does better at protecting metal parts. I will share a youtube video. You don’t even need the sound on to understand. As a side note, Wallyworld’s engine oil is refined by the Royal Dutch Shell Company, and is actually very good for the different products sold. Conventional sucks at -40. It isn’t because it is “Walmart brand”.

I hope I don’t forget to look it up.