alien gear

yeah i know , corona virus. so after waiting a month and a half for the order to come in, missing mounting hard ware. i loved my alien iwb holster with steel clips. now that i am down to 20% use of my right arm i figured id get a left side holster. so i did. came in today and i was excited to get it set up and train with it. apparently they changed design and now have twist in plastic belt clips. ok, but i like steel. they sold me steel as a add on. just no mounting hardware ( nuts & screws) to install them with. yes i could take them off the old one, and toss it in a drawer because i cant use then. if you make some one wait 6 weeks to get your product it should all be there. if it no longer works with your holster, why sell it. i did sit on chat hold for 1/2 hour. again, if i had a successful company and had folks waiting on hold for 1/2 hour or 38 folks in line, id hire more help. this is shit that can be done from home.left a review that only i can see. so yeah safari land looking good. i got 4 years on my old iwb holster. really disappointed. no one makes gear worth waiting that long for when the market is flush with other options. i hope the under arm holster goes better.


I hear ya. I tried to order some parts from Armalite last night. Web site messes up during checkout and won’t finish sale. I tried for over 4 hours to get someone on the phone today. It will ring for 3 minutes then hangs up. If the exact parts were available somewhere else I’d spend my money elsewhere.


Same issues, won’t let me sign in to my account either. They would sell a good many more parts if they would get that stuff figured out.

Probably is, they were just on break. :rofl::thinking:


pissed. i dicked around with the under arm alien gear holster for a hour before i figured out it was assembled wrong. shoulder straps in the back instead of, shoulders. missing hardware on the steel clips. alot of plastic twist in shit instead of steel. and i waited 6 weeks for this. corona my balls this is bull shit. gave up at half hour waiting for chat support. i dont see how they stay in biz like this. i dont care how good your stuff is, saw some one else on here had the same thing. now the stitching is coming apart from reassembling it so many times to get it right. got to be some one in idaho that wants to work?


@LonewolfMcQuade had shoulder surgery how fast do you expect him to pull that sled.


DAMMIT, you last of the Mohicans! I’m tryin!!!


Sorry @kissmybrass, problem is their company is in Post Falls, Kootenai County borders Washington state. The virus is high there right now and growing according to numbers :thinking: “Must be someone in Idaho that wants to work” we are looking for some too and can’t find them. Bunch of lazy imported fucks. :arrow_left: that’s my @spook rant right there.